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[C-DRAMA] Recruiting Subbers for "iPartment Season 4" (1)
Recrutement traducteurs ANG > FRA (8)
Team needed for "The Ocean's Heart" [CLOSED] (1)
J- Drama Girl´s Breakfast need a new moderator and more team urgently (1)
Looking for a RELIABLE korean/english editor for the second episode of "I'm Real Song Joong Ki" (1)
Arabic subbers and moderators (3)
[K-DRAMA] "Last": Arabic Subbers Needed (5)
[K-Variety] Looking for Korean-English Subbers [CLOSED] (2)
[K-VARIETY] - Recherche traducteurs/trices francais pour "Secretly Greatly" (4)
[T-DRAMA] Looking for French subtitlers for "The Way We Love" (1)
[J-DRAMA] Your Home is My Business 家売るオンナ, looking for Language Moderators (7)
[K-DRAMA] English Editors needed for "Pink Lipstick" [NOW RESTRICTED] ( 2 ) (25)
[C-DRAMA] Female Prime Minister - Recruiting [CLOSED] (20)
[K-DRAMA] "Behind the White Tower" Recruiting [CLOSED] ( 2 ) (28)
[C-DRAMA] Recruiting for "Deer and the Cauldron"! [ENGLISH is COMPLETE NOW] (1)
[C-DRAMA] "Secret of the Three Kingdoms" - Recruiting Greek subbers (1)
[K-DRAMA] "Operation Proposal" needs help [CLOSED, drama not on Viki anymore] (1)
Yoo Na's Street korean drama need some help! [DRAMA UNAVAILABLE NOW] (1)
Yoo Na’s Street korean drama need some help! [DRAMA NOT THERE ANYMORE] (1)
[Historical K-Drama] "Grand Prince" Recruiting Dutch Subbers (2)
[RESOLVIDO] [C-DRAMA] Procuro tradutores Eng-Pt (18)
[C-Drama] Novoland: Die Flagge des Adlers - Unser Team sucht Verstärkung! (4)
[K-DRAMA] ''Number Six'' | team needed (6)
[C-DRAMA] - Looking for Romanian Subbers for "We Love You Mr. Jin" (2)
[C-DRAMA] - "Verschwinden Sie, Herr Tumor" - Deutsche Subber gesucht (4)
[C-DRAMA] - "Für immer jung" - deutsche Subber gesucht (2)
English-Korean Translation Editor urgently needed - for only one epsiode (3)
Hello, anyone looking for an italian Subtitler? (1)
[C-Music-/Variety-Show] English to German subber needed for "The Rap of China 2019" (1)
[J-Drama] "Adult High" looking for news Vietnamese and Polish moderator (1)