._. Why, Oh Why, Viki?

I removed my AdBlock as per request of Viki, but literally right after playing the ad the video just sits there loading. I’ve been considering purchasing the Viki Pass, but if the website is having issues without the pass, I feel like I shouldnt bother at all.

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Have you write to the Help Center http://support.viki.com/hc/en-us ? They are pretty fast in responding requests or problems give them a couple of days but they will definitely answer you, since is a problem with the videos, make sure is not your internet (Cause it can happen) I don’t think you will have problems with the vikipass if you decide to buy it (which is totally up to you) I haven’t see or read anybody complain about how it doesn’t work or anything like that, I just have heard good things from the ones who has the vikipass.

You might check your internet conection as Nienna said. Also, The vikipass works perfectly. xD

I had the same problem, as have others. So unless we all have bad internet I don’t think that’s the case. The ads kept messing with the videos, and when not the vidoes the subs, its just crazy.

Ok, then if it is something wrong with the website the only solution is report it and wait I guess. Don’t despair Fighting!

I am also having the issue where I have Ad-block disabled to watch on Viki but now after the initial ads run I just get a buffer screen. I am hoping this is just a traffic issue considering I had no problems viewing shows last night and my internet speeds are great right now.

I’m quite positive it wasn’t my internet. I was forced to switch to the mobile app on my iPad. It functioned as it normally would. I sent a request to the Help Center. I have my fingers crossed that they manage to solve the issue, but it’s not much of a hassle in my case. I’d just prefer to watch the drama on my laptop, rather than on my iPad or smart phone.

I’m sure they are working on it since apparently a lot of people has the same problem, the main thing you can do is send them the report of the problem so they see is something affecting many people and hopefully they will answer you soon. : ).