180 minutes of actual view time as precondition to rate

Super annoying for years now: “subs please”-comments in the review section…
1* ratings in the review section with the text “subs please” (especially Spanish, Portuguese) which means the episodes have not even been (properly) watched. Without moderators who browse through the reviews and delete those pseudo-ratings, there is little hope to get rid of this nuisance. Maybe VIKI could implement mechanics, so that only those can rate a drama who have actually watched at least 180 min or so (ca. 3 or 4 episodes) are allowed to rate.



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But… really, this suggestion should be sent here:


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You can add your comment and suggestion on this thread.

If you want to read pros and cons of various suggestions, you can go here:

In my case, I don’t agree with viki measuring the viewing time. Sometimes we may have watched the drama elsewhere, especially if it’s not available in our region here at viki.
My suggestion is that at least the drama should have completely finished airing.

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@ bozoli : THANK YOU !
I now posted it there, too.

I wish I had saved the Viki support email in which I was told that a change to the review section would disrupt the entire site. This was like a year ago. They are aware of the situation, but don’t expect anything, either.