2014 March 20th - not one viki page is loading

Anyone else having this problem?
I can’t start any page, channel, etc. It will try and try loading until I get an error message.
If everything is fine for you, or you have the same luck as me, please let me know. 'Cause other pages (other than viki) seem fine, but I can’t tell if this is perhaps only a regional problem.

No, everything is fine for me. I’m in France.

Hello my French neighbor!
I am from Germany. Could you perhaps tell me which browser you are using?
I use Mozilla and just updated it, maybe I will just install the old version again.
I can access one bookmark, that I saved, which is the subtitle editor, of my current subbing project. I wonder why that runs and nothing else?

I use Mozilla 28.0 (just updated). I have an old computer (windows vista), I watched today beyond the cloud 9 (with the subtitle editor, current project) and The painter of the wind (full screen). And no problem.

I use the same, but in addition with even older Win XP. I had no problam at noon and now I don’t get what’s wrong. I will just close the browser and do some other random stuff. Let’s see if it works out, or if I will be kicked out without being able to sign in, as the page is not loading.
But first things first, I have to grab some stuff from the shop at the corner or I won’t have breakfast tomorrow morning.
Thanks for your help so far^^

I restarted the browser and horray!!! It’s okay again. Such a shock in the late evening. I had some other issues with Viki this week, so this would have been “perfect”
But, sigh, all is well that ends well …
Have a nice watch at viki^^

Ah, It’s good. Have a good evening on viki !