2016 Top Dramas ❤️😍

Reading a couple of stories about the top 2016, I began to wonder about my own personal top drama list. Mine are:

Descendants of the Sun
Squad 38
Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho
Marriage Contract
Cinderella and Four Knights
Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Shopping King Louie

Honorable Mention: Drinking Solo :wink:

How about yours? I’m curious about everyone’s favorites.

Descendants of the Sun
Marriage Contract
Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Jang Yeong Sil
Shopping King Louie
One more happy ending
Lucky romance
Please come back mr
Madame Antoine
Your smile is alluring(chinese)
1% of anything

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to watch more but absolutely I want some day to watch those you mentioned

Ah. 2016…

Ok, not necessarily in order - except for the first two, better than the rest. Six is clearly going to be show we watch again. :slight_smile: Maybe with fast forward through two small weaker plot lines…but the big brush strokes are there, the swordsman and Yoo Ah In’s Lee Bang Won… :slight_smile:

Six Flying Dragons. - it overlapped end of 2015 but definitely was the best of 2016. This and The Throne convinced me that Yoo Ah In is definitely one amazing actor - and my favorite swordsman was the ONLY one without eye shadow. :slight_smile:

Sanada Maru - a REALLY great Japanese historical that is still in progress and worth every minute I wait to see that one translated! oh…very…yes. Great acting…and the most amazing opening 2.5 minutes of time at the start…one you do NOT fast forward though! plus a great travelogue at the end of each episode!

Chang Ge Xing (the badly translated title: Singing All Along) Yuan Hong is the man who if asked to select the Holy Chalice off the altar of Drama role choices by the Last Crusader would get the Holy Grail every time. Coupled with Ruby Lin…it’s hard to believe they are married to other people, the acting and romance are exceptional. Finally…a more heroic role for a man who has played the flawed second hero to paladins like Hu Ge and Huo Wallace. :slight_smile: Complete with an evil mommy and crazy head gear… :slight_smile:

Jackpot…a combination of two young men who can act, and veterans from Warrior Baek Dong Soo…effective use of Sky Lord and Sword Saint! Wow. Also a fascinating take on an older Sukjong…when coupled with the Sukjong of Dong Yi…and Jang Ok Jang, - interesting. Short story but HIGHLY engaging. The only issue is the female lead was a bit weak but probably the contrast with the outstanding young men - definitely a good one to watch.

Ice Fantasy - the concept, Feng’s pleasant acting and several very memorable characters - acting in ALL but the leading lady (victoria song, go back to singing and stay there! or out of wuxia/historical!! get thee to a SIT COM!!) Very watchable, interesting plot, and also some exceptional music - the frozen sacrifice song, the mermaid song…really great music. So good watching the end trailer is a must! Had they hired an actress for the leading lady, this would have been closer to a 9 plus…8 because of the VS problem.

Novoland - ahhh wingkind’s emperor cannot help but make this list. it’s fun…and interesting. 2 endings because the writers frankly slammed into a wall with the plot. :frowning: my frustrated notes tell a tale there.

Jang Youngsil - other than harping on reality of slavery very hard, a GREAT show. The man who played Jumong brings us a very interesting story and great acting. Reprise of an amazing team who were paired up as Taejong and Sejong in Sejong the Great show their remarkable abilities yet again. Fascinating.

Mirror of the Witch A very young actress, paired with up and coming young men, and a great cast of veterans makes this HIGHLY watchable.

Scarlet Heart Ryo - oh, for the want of a great actress to match the great acting of the lead actor.
He puts in an amazing performance…the story is decent, although they seem a bit lost trying to sync with SH on some lines…the girl…sadly…not up to par…were the girl as good at Mr. Lee is…well, it would have been amazing. As it was, highly watchable and he’s downright fascinating to behold!

Moonlight Embracing Clouds…(yeah it’s drawn by but that’s what I call it) :slight_smile: Ah yes, the Bo Gum show. With girl. :slight_smile: the girl is good - but we’re watching Bo Gum. the IM Beau…the second male - also darned good but sort of well, wasted in this show. Plot is predictable and fluffy - but well, no one wants it to be serious. :slight_smile: Just look at Bo Gum…and relax…

And now for the flip side. WORST DRAMA and why…

Zhao Yun. The disaster. LGX deserved better than this, he’s damned good. But Yoona was dreadful. There’s no getting around what was highly anticipated was a severe disappointment to ANYONE who hoped for a story of the general…what we got was ZY’s dysfunctional Yoona girlfriend…and not even Ma Chao and a second lead girl could save it.

and then it was good but…!
Chronicle of Life. What a sad deal this turned out to be! it might have been 9 plus. Zheng Shuang destroyed it. Lau Hawick deserves MUCH better than this. The MEN make you cry, laugh, and fear…ZS leaves you almost hoping she’s whacked with boat oars when the camera is OFF, she’s utterly destroyed a MARVELOUSLY filmed and well acted piece…except for HER. The detail in filming…it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL like a great motion picture in places! There is a lot of good acting - eunuchs, even other lesser ladies are great! but we get ZS and there’s an end to greatness. 8. Except for the cinematography and Lau Hawick in his Kangxi shoes…yeah they’re 10’s. He’s playing the same emperor again soon - hopefully without ZS, a true albatross around the neck! (The Ancient Mariner)

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
we’ve been very, very good. May we please have Tribes and Advisors? :slight_smile:

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Six Flying Dragons will be on your list soon. :slight_smile: Only reason it’s not there is because you haven’t seen it yet.

Ah, the hazards of volunteering here! :slight_smile:


Six Flying Dragons (technically 2015 but since it finished airing this year, I will put it here)
The Princess Weiyoung
The Mystic NIne

Yes I know what you mean thats why I am moderating it for the Greek language because I feel it would be great if my fellow country men could enjoy it in their mother language(especially ones who don’t know very good english)
It is rather contradictory I know but its the truth, to moderate something I haven’t watched yet.

no, it’s cool :slight_smile: you’re making it possible for them to see it and in the process you should too. Seriously, see The Throne also - you will be surprised. Yoo Ah In is tremendous.

It’s all good. there are folks who still haven’t seen NIF either. :slight_smile:


our list is pretty much the same lol

Moorim School
Descendants of the Sun
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Shopping King Louie
Romantic Doctor Kim
Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo
The Legend of the Blue Sea

  • Gold
    Signal, Jealousy Incarnate, Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Cheese in the Trap

  • Silver
    Descendants of the Sun, Beautiful Mind, Oh Hae Young Again, K2

  • Bronze
    Shopping King Louie, Beautiful Gong Shim

My top dramas in this year are:

Moon lovers: Scarlet Goryeo :flushed:
The man living in our house :kissing_closed_eyes:
W :smile:
I think just, to be honest I didn’t watch many dramas during that year. I translated more than watched… :sweat_smile::sob:

I did miss some good ones it appears. Might have to watch a bit more before 2017 gets here. :slight_smile: