2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed


Yea! Me too!


The Story of Xing Fu not available in my region

The Legendary Life of Queen Lau

Silk-washing Stream

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader

so these arent available just yet, I am presuming, they will be active in 2022


You’re correct. As to availability, that depends on licensing. Premiere dates haven’t been revealed (to my knowledge).


would definetly recommend this one


On Air


On Air


On Air


Have not found official dates for the dramas you listed. Sorry.


I got them on my watch list, lucky with you kinda reminded me of, just some parts that is. but still love it!
I am watching detective kong, so funny!!

finished this one, of course, a cliff hanger, but still loved it, I love how whoever creates actors to fly!!

still watching these two

since I mentioned this earlier, I plan to watch again

at lweast I am glad to be able to watch these!

Lack of New Korean dramas on Viki

I’m watching “Detective Kong” too, you’re right it’s got some really funny stuff in it.


It’s amazing how much work is involved in making those ‘flying’ scenes in that genre of historical dramas. I admire the cast and behind the scenes staff that make these scenes.
I haven’t started “Sword Snow Stride” yet but I’m looking forward to watching it soon.
I recommend the actors previous drama “Joy of Life”. You would really enjoy it.


sword snow stride, is quite good


On Air.


UPDATE: License
Air Date: February 28, 2022 (to be confirmed)




there is another one for ML from Joy of life and sword snow stride called the general but i have no idea when it will show.


Thank you.
In November 2018 I posted news of “The Fated General” on the fan channel that Viki created.
The series was filmed in 2017. I can find no official news of the drama.

Air Date Unknown



Meet You (2021 costume drama)


Release Date: May 20, 2022