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I’ve been waiting for this. I had good feeling about Viki getting the second season of “The Good Detective”.
Thanks @choitrio! :star_struck:


Season 1 of “The Good Detective” is coming soon too. I feel a marathon mood in the air. :rofl:
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I enjoyed season 1 of “The Good Detective”. Maybe I will re-watch it before I start on the second season. Glad to see that Viki was able to secure both “Tracer” series and “Good Detective” series. Hopefully, they will secure the third season of “Dr. Romantic”.


That’s what I am planning too.


I loved the first season, that’s why I’m so excited for the second. I agree a re-watch is called for.


Licensed and seeking CM
2005 Film



not from this year, but a k channel


Coming Soon
2020 Kakao Web Drama 10 episodes @ 15min/episode


Viki has added a few ‘classic’ K-dramas (English only) .
Lovers (2007) with Lee Seo-jin & Kim Jung-eun
High Kick (2006) family drama with an all-star cast. Please don’t faint when you see the episode count.
Summer (2003) with Song Seung-heon & Seon Ye-jin


The daily soaps have returned.

KBS1 The Love in Your Eyes

MBC Game of Witches aka “The Witch’s Game”

KBS2 Vengeance of the Bride lit. “Bride of the Typhoon”





Viki has licensed 2007 drama with Lee Joon-gi, Jung Kyoung-Ho, and Nam Sang-mi.
English only.


This is not a drama but I believe many may be interested.
The show was broadcast on KBS on October 9, 2022.
English only.



Release Date: To Be Announced
Reported the wrong photograph. Hope to see a nice photo of Im Seul-Ong soon.
Starring Im Seul-Ong (2AM, Let’s Eat Something, Anna) and Hwang Seung-Eon



Release: Update ~ November 11, 2022


Release: November 30, 2022