47 minute ad?


I don’t mind ads at all, but when an ad is 47 minutes something is wrong. Most of the time ads are a few seconds or minutes long. Today I got this 47 minute thing, it’s a whole episode of a program not an ad. And it keeps coming back when I refresh the video hoping to get a different ad. It’s like once you get an ad, it haunts you.

When I click on skip ad, the drama continues but with a black screen over the video. So I only get the audio and subtitles. The only way that works so far is waiting for ads to finish.

Any ideas how to overcome this?

Did you see a small “x” on the top right screen? My girls were watching MLP at dailym***** and found the an ads that blocked the video from being viewed. I just had to click on the small “x” described to escape from it.

May it helps.

Thanks for your reply!

I see the little “x” but I can’t click on it. The Viki button for next video is in the way, even when in full screen mode.

Hi, :smiley: you can install AdBlock which is a program which stops any ads on all web sites, you can find and download it on internet.

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LOL im sorry but i had to LOL on this one. 47 MINUTE AD? unbelievably crazy! i can understand your “?” on this one xD i really hope it gets fixed soon! : ) maybe an adblock, since i heard those work.

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Try contacting the Viki Help Center http://support.viki.com/hc/en-us if it continues.

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Thanks guys! For now it worked itself out after a few times. If it comes back I’ll consider the AdBlock. I feel guilty using it since I’m a free user and ads generate revenue.

Since I noticed you can speak more than one language…
I suggest that you try to get your QC status, no ads at all… and we always need extra Arabic subbers :wink:
If you need suggestions let me know… I can help you out find projects to contribute on…

Thanks, Wafaahs. I just joined the Mera Naseeb team and asked to join another project. I should probably stick to those until they’re finished before moving onto something else.

If you have suggestions or need help somewhere, I’d be glad to help.