A cry for help, and who listens to them. How DEPRESSION is killing SK actress/actors


They need to open crisis centers in SK like they have here in USA to help people with depression so that they don’t continue to commit suicide. Here in the USA when you go to the Emergency Room they ask you about all your symptoms and the next question they ask you is, that if you had any thoughts of suicide at any moment. If you say yes, they bring in a crisis center team and as they do EKG, Lab works, etc while the crisis team will speak to you for a long time to asses your emotional needs, and if the case is deemed severe they’ll send people to your house to help in every way they can.

They knew this actress was severely depressed and she was not been monitored and watched more closely. The first sign of her being in danger was when she went into a Hotel alone and for two days didn’t leave her room. Why her Agent didn’t care enough to make sure he knew her whereabouts? He knew she was severely depressed so family, friends, co workers should have worked together to make sure they talked to her at all times bc feeling alone, is what gives the thoughts of suicide room to grow but if you have a support system around you, those thoughts can go away because there is HOPE for the pain to go away.

It’s so sad that we the Fans that like her as an actress, as a person/human being, need to feel the void of her loss, and the guilt that maybe we could have done something more if we only knew what she was going through. Fans words can also somehow encourage them, and give them the will to live and to move on, but they wait until they are dead to tell the Fans how depressed their favorite actress/singer./actor was, that drove them to suicide. It’s not fair and I know that SK can do more by creating centers or programs in Hospitals that can alert when a patient is in danger of committing suicide.

They all mainly pick Hotels to commit suicide, so the HOTELS need to be more alert when they see a person all alone, sad and not coming out of their room. Have pamphlets in their rooms with suicide help centers phone numbers. . Leave Bibles, encouraging words of support like ''you are not alone if you need any help call the front desk and we’ll assist you etc…

MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::candle::candle::candle::candle::candle:


Acting, singing must cause so much pressure that sadly, many end up taking their own life.


I think I read an article about that and that they now try (I think it was UK) to help musicians by special help centers/contact centers. The discussion was about if musicians have a higher risk to die by drugs/suicide than people in other jobs or not (because of their job). And the result was that the job surroundings could be a factor that matters so the risk may be higher. (Also in the way of more chances to get in touch with drugs and to take drugs because of concerts, tours etc.) and that medics who have mostly non musicians may not be able to understand the musicians.


this was one of my favorite actresses. I sure didn’t know she passedaway. yes may she rest in peace