A new version for Nirvana in Fire?

…It makes my heart stopped.
Viki has got in its Coming Soon a Nirvana in Fire (English Dubbed Version). This THING: https://www.viki.com/tv/36593c-nirvana-in-fire-english-dubbed-version

What is it? A botted version?

A dubbed version on Viki? Are they serious?

…and in many languages.

i was confused when i saw this days ago

Why would anyone want to ruin NIF by dubbing it?

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a dub undermines viki’s entire existence and foundation for one

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why fix the wheel when its not broke?

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You mean the dubbing? How can a drama be dubbed in many languages?

The dubbed version has REPLACED the subbed one. And it’s terrible. Really bad dubbing by very bad voice-actors. It’s unwatchable.

Does anyone know why this was done?

Or if there’s any possibility of getting back the proper un-dubbed version?

It was not replaced.
Here is the undubbed:

and here is the dubbed:

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The original undubbed version is not viewable in the US. It’s marked Restricted Access, “Sorry, this video is not available in your region.” Only the dubbed version is available here. Hence my complaint.