A True Horror Story!

With bated breath you approach the ending of your favourite drama. There are 2 more episodes to go. Sadly, you have school or work in the morning, so you reluctantly agree to call it a night. Sleep is pointless when you are so close to the end, but life has a nasty way of getting between you and your love for Asian dramas.
After a busy day, you finally get home. You take a quick shower, you eat something and then you resume your drama… But wait… What is this…

Seriously now, We Need Site Notifications Or Email Warnings For Soon To Expire Dramas !! Please !!


Man that sucks! I just finished watching that drama a week ago!
Can I ask which region you are watching in? I’m in Europe and I can still view it.
But I do have other dramas on my watch list that I can’t watch anymore :fearful:


Europe also, but it’s gone for me… :tired_face:

I really hope that Viki implements a warning system. That would be great for viewers outside of the US, who don’t have as many alternatives for legally watching Asian Dramas. If people had a warning system, they would prioritize watching those dramas first :persevere:


I totally agree. I actually sent an email to Viki with this very suggestion. They said it’s on their to-do list. I suppose we just have to wait and see.

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True. I’ve seen other people suggest it too. So I hope it catches on.

Do you want a spoiler? :smile: