Ad Block in Safari. How to make it work?

Hello everyone,

I just downloaded the AdBlock for Safari in Mac, but I don’t know how to make it work on this site… I start watching the show in this website and when the ad starts, it seems like I have to manually block it since it does not do it by itself. This is what I do: I click the AdBlock button where is says “block an ad on this page”, and then follow the procedure… but the thing is that once I am done following the procedure, it seems like the AdBlock blocks the ad AND the video I am watching! meaning I don’t get to watch anything at all… This is very confusing to me, and I am not sure how to make it work properly… so I would really appreciate any help!


It usually wouldn’t block the video for you, unless it is a drama not licensed in your region. I wish i can help but I don’t have a mac. :frowning:

thanks for response… the thing is that does not only happens in this website but also in crunchy roll (a website to watch anime shows)

I would appreciate any help, thanks!!!