Add LANGUAGE to 'sort by' selection in comments section

I fully support VIKIs efforts to popularize Asian dramas worldwide - translate to as many languages as possible! But, we all need to see comments about the shows in our own language. I have to spend so much time looking for real reviews in my own language - it is frustrating. Add a category to the Sort By option in the reviews and comments sections - language.

And if anyone can find a way to eliminate the comments about subtitles not being quick enough - please let us know!


Ah, we’ve been asking for those two things forever. But Viki turns a deaf ear.
Only the Timed Comments are in our power - moderators working in the team can and do delete the sub-whining comments as well as offensive ones. But the disqus comments are outside our jurisdiction and Viki only cares to delete one if it mentions other websites or is obvious spam.