Adding Videos to Fan Channels

I’ve been away from Viki for a while, came back and decided to add videos to my channel. I think I’m just being stupid, but I can’t figure out how to add more music videos or clips.
Can someone help me please?
Sorry for the stupid question.

I think that adding external videos has been disabled for a few months now.


Please have a look through the discussion threads - Viki decided the risk was too great to continue to support the fan channels. So that function has been taken off - and channels where the videos have been challenged in some fashion have lost theirs entirely - even though they were fully subbed. e.g. Prince of Lan Ling. So everyone is trying to get licenses - if you have any channels you really enjoyed viewing that were fan channels - view the videos again, and ask for the license. It’s all we can do.

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Viki took the possibility to place the links of videos from other sources away.
For old videos, they will stay.
Except, there is trouble because of the copyright, then either the video or the whole channel will be deleted, as we could see f.e. the Lakorns from Thailand. In the future Viki will only provide videos from their source with licensed content.

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except now viki took down a large number of videos from fan channels with no explanation, nothing. see the other thread. :frowning:


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