Advertisements on viki

When viki started to show viki plus or whatever it was i knew that advertisement were going to start being a issue even with adblock. I understand that viki needs to make money and also in order to stay up they need advertisements but how the advertisements run on here are really annoying and agitating and at times I just stop watching my show because of it. Every time I fast forward in my show trying to find where i left off it shows a 5 minute ad that are usually like the worst and annoying ads i have ever seen in my life. Like they keep showing the same ad with the same freakin old lady lifting her walker up in the air and sounding like a broken scratched up record over and over again! Also the ads are annoying to have to skip through some, timed through others or not timed at all. The ads are random and there are way too many and really agitating. Well it probably just me but I am really getting tired of this mess of ads and all. Can someone plz do something I need to watch my kdramas please!


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