All comedy come to me


Hiii! It’s my first time writing here, hi hi.
I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but yeah, eh. (I’m awkward, I could run lmao). Anyway! What are some of the comedies that got you laughing so hard you forgot how to stop? Gimme all the juicy tiles and the funny bits.


It’s from Dating in the Kitchen, right?

I will put some more later hurt a 2nd finger today …
Typing is torture if you are used to doing it with all fingers.


Welcome to the community!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hope you have fun here!
This always has to be mentioned in the comedy genre, it’s k-drama law.

Here are my absolute favourite comedies(thought they have different genres too):

Ever heard of Veronica Park? She’s one of the most hilarious characters k-drama has ever come up with:



Hiiii! Yes!! It was so much fun to watch, actually!
Oh, no. Is your finger any better now?


Oh!! I do recognize some of them. They are on my list already. And some, I’ve seen. :heart:
Which scenes pop up in your head when you think of these? :laughing:


Oh my god! Those two! Hahaha, I loved both of them so much!!


One yes, and another one injured more gravely a 2nd time, but well hopefully it is all better next week. Hopefully I won’t hurt it a 3rd time :wink: I am somewhat clumsy this week …


I’m sorry you got hurt. :sob: Please take care of yourself!!