Americans demand apology from Fox News for racist Chinatown video

If you are tired of seeing Americans of Asian descent shown in a bad light you have to see this video from Fox you have to let Fox know. It is so cringe worthy it is disgusting.

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Not to belittle the issue, but it’s Fox News with Bill O’Reilly. They should apologize to everybody. All. The. Time. :smile:


Hmm… speaking for me, I don’t need any apology from FOX or anyone else involved in the production of this video. In fact, it’s the first time I’m watching it here, and I actually had a good laugh while watching it. No, not laughing because it offends, but laughing because some parts of it are really hilarious. Funny and witty report, I thought. It’s a true slice of life. And it only represents a small segment of the population in Chinatown, Chinese or otherwise. Some parts of the video may feel cringe-worthy to some, but life is no bed of roses after all.

Facts of life are facts of life. People are people and are distinctly different even if we are of one nationality or race or gender, etc. If this video makes one mad, I guess one just needs to look at movies that contained more of these in a far harsher light, and pertaining to those, do we need apologies too?

I guess it’s the election season now and hence the extreme sensitivity all around? I think all the Political Correctness or outrage isn’t helping racial tolerance. In fact, we see more and more racial intolerance everywhere, not just in US. It’s pretty bad in UK too, post-BREXIT. Of course, all the politicians and their shenanigans are to be held accountable for the world we live in now. God Help Us All!

Btw, for census purposes, I’m an American-Asian, an American-Chinese. Ordinarily, I’m an American of Chinese heritage with roots extending as far as Asia. Period. I’m not a fan of either BoR or Watters, but I don’t find this video racist or offensive. And I don’t think the intent of the production of this video was meant to offend Chinese or to proclaim any racist message against Chinese or the people in Chinatown. Again, I thought it was comical in a witty way. But this is just me. IMHO.


Your response was so refreshing, a big relief, after the drama queen comments I read on youtube, scratching my head.
Personally (I’m neither American nor Asian) I didn’t find it racist, although it did have lots of slightly irritating stereotypes - but then that’s what low-brow comedy is like. Like the jokes with people of different nationalities in various situations: “Before the airplane crashed, the Scotsman said X, the French said Y, the Jewish person said W and the Greek said Z”. Things like that. Which we know are not politically correct but we still laugh at. Of course I understand that what I found slightly irritating would feel immensely irritating for many members of the Chinese community in America, who is directly involved.

Trying to put myself in their shoes, I’m thinking of “My big fat Greek wedding”, which was crude stereotype from beginning to end. Yes, this was irritating and I wish they didn’t do it to such an extent, but I didn’t find it offensive, and I actually had a good time watching the film. After all, “Moonstruck” (the one with Cher and Nicholas Cage) is also tremendously stereotyping for Italians, but it’s one of my favourite film of all times.

The only thing where I disagree with you is that I didn’t find this particular TV show funny, but rather boring. But that is, of course, nothing more than a question of personal taste.


Thank you for being relieved and feeling refreshed :wink:

I love the movie. I’ve watched it several times and it never fails to get me going …ROFL.

That TV show, on the whole, it was a combination of boring and funny(to me, in some parts only). Slightly irritating stereotypes? I couldn’t agree more. Yet, these are but slices of real life. They don’t just exist in Chinatown. I bet if you go to, say, Italy town or Korea town or Vietnamese town or France town or Greek town and so on, you could find ‘slightly irritating’ stereotypes too.

Anyway, the show could definitely have been better reported.

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… and laugh at the caricatures.
It’s true, though. We accept all kinds of things in cinemas or TV, because it’s remote and comfortable.


I think what bothered me was… how they kind of poked fun at the entire population and played it off as news.

I found it funny but maybe for a gag gift. It’s like me making fun of my mom for her reply 1988 makeup she rocks in 2016 kindof way. I don’t think I agree with how politically correct everyone insists on being.

The karate and the tae kwon do (태권도 for those who want to pronounce this properly, Korean pronunciation says it should be taec (like ok taeyeon the singer)ģwon (very hard g blended into the word “won”) do) gym scene irked me. This is because both my uncles are black belts and have gyms. One is 9th degree. The banner in the background says 국기원 (gukgiwon, in rev rom)! which is the international governing body for the martial art of Taekwondo for the world!

Karate… might be more mainstream than one thinks thanks to Japanese occupation.

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I think in every racial/ethnic I think there are things we can poke fun at. I was married to someone who is Arab and have friends who are arab so when I see you tube comedy videos specifically about that culture especially about the random airport security checks I laugh. I haven’t got through an airport in the last 7 years without a random security check. I laugh because I have lived it but if there was someone who didn’t know my background he/she might be offended by this. There is certain things in the white community I can poke fun at or being American too. I think that it hits a raw nerve because I am from an older generation who lived through when racial issues back in the 60s and 70s. I won’t give you the story of how I walked 5 miles in the snow to go to school story though it was pretty dang cold out there in the 0 degree weather at the bus stop. Anyway I am not saying we should be running around being PC and all, that just think there should be some thought about what makes it on the air.


I see where you’re coming from and I understand your POV. I can also feel the cold just reading the line about that walk in the snow in 0 degree weather. :astonished:

I fully agree that there should be much more consideration given to that broadcast, and in fact, to every broadcast. Let’s hope journalism of all forms will be more responsible in their reportage.

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yeah I don’t take cold well that is why I am in Texas now. My recent ancestors are suppose to be mostly of European descent made for cold winter and warm summers but I think one of my past relatives was switched accidently at birth. I like hot weather at least 80 degrees. Anything under is cold. Just take me to the tropics or the desert…


I’m Asian American and who fricken cares? Get a Life.


I agree with what you have written. I don’t agree that a reporter should knowingly use to his advantage the two older people that did not seem to understand what he was saying, Mr. Matter certainly owes them an apology.