Annual QC gift 2020

Hi everyone ^-^ Have you received the gift reward from viki? I just wanted to ask how this works. I mean, every active QC has received it? Oh and, is “tremendous” a reliable site? (I want to point out, after receiving an answer, that I have complete trust in viki otherwise I would not work there as a volunteer, but not knowing “tremendous” I wanted to know more, nothing else. I just hope not to be misinterpreted :heavy_heart_exclamation:)
Sorry for asking so many questions but it’s the first time i’m receiving a digital gift from viki and I wanted to know something more about it. :revolving_hearts:
P.S.: Just for curiosity, have you already used it? If yes, how? Last thing, are the dollars converted into the local currency?

Thanks in advance for your answers, have a nice day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I so wish everything about the annual QC gift 2020 would go into this thread, instead of spamming other threads that have nothing to do with it!

Viki always chooses reliable sites, they’re not stupid. I already used it last year and yes, the dollars are converted into local currency.


Perfect :revolving_hearts: Sorry for asking, but I was just curious about some things. Regarding Viki, I know it is reliable, absolutely. But since I didn’t know “tremendous”, I wanted to know more, that’s all. Thanks for answering me anyway :kissing_heart:

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