Another curious thing I am to ask

I know a few months ago I asked about Thanksgiving and who celebrates and how if they do in their country. which I must admit learned a lot!

now Christmas coming up. I know America has a lot of commercialism now. do what do you do to celebrate christmas, I am not leaving out Hannaka( hopefully I spelled that righ!) and forgive me but that other one which I will not dare to spell, I will make a mess.

but again just to find out more of my “family” the world, how do you celebrate??
we know its a day we celebrate the birth of Christ. some of us go to the extremes like the lights, presents, and so on. but love and giving is the main key I think. anyone??

would I be stepping out of line if I ask for recipes just for the hoildays?

I’m from Europe and am currently residing in the UK and I don’t celebrate the Cristian aspect of Christmas as it is more a celebration of the winter soltace hence the fact the Christmas tree comes into the home.
My Christmas Day consists of opening my stocking full of presents, then we cook a roast dinner and spend time with each other opening presents from each other, but I spend most of my day cracking opening hazelnuts, almond and other nuts as that is the highlight along with excessive consumption of chocolate.

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i am also in europe. i dont go to church or hear churchmusic. in th emorning of the 24. i came home from work, sleep and later will have coofee and cake with my Oma (grandma), mama and bro + his girlfriend. maybe later i will cook something warm and after diner Comes the presnt opening xD
on the 25. oder 26. i ll wll drive to my other grandma and thts it’s… so it’s noting Special at all. hope to have some familytime, more i dont want

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