Another drama to find

well I didn’t think I would ever do this but here I am

this drama was a cutesy one, the girl was a travel/scenic guide( not the package one) she was a scammer, her father also(not I summon you gold) she was running and almost got hit by a car. she had a gift of language, he later needed her for interpreting the language, the main guy had a tangerine orchard, (not lie to me) he had a girlfriend that was a champion tennis player. the guys grandfather was looking for his niece or granddaughter, he did his daughter wrong. the girl was given money to play as the granddaughter. gosh I have practically told the whole story! anyway, I would like to find it and watch it again!! 2014 maybe

Maybe My Girl 2005-2006?

I just found it. But that doesnt say she was a scammer. I will have to look for it. thanks Lutra, and a much later time. I have been looking for this all morning! again thank. you know how the mind works with time(hr=ehehehehe)

I have just started watching this, yes this is it. oh and also tiawan has created it in 2018
boy those actors were young!! Lee dong wok age then was 24. again thanks

You are welcome, I can help out with older dramas until 2014-15, then I had less time.
Have fun watching it, if you happen to watch the Taiwan series let me know if you liked it. Till then!

I am looking for the name of a drama I watched a while ago. I don’t have a lot of details - I am not even 100% sure of the country of origin. I think it is Thai, but it could be Korean. It takes place in a bakery. The ML is the owner and hires the FL to work for him. I can picture the bakery in my head, almost to a T, but I can’t really remember much else. This bakery is almost like a house - I think it has kind of a driveway-like area with a gate that rolls open out to the street. The ML lives upstairs from the bakery. The kitchen of the bakery is down about a half floor from the sales/dining area and has a sliding window that opens as a passthrough to the display area. At one point there is a fire in the kitchen. Other than that, the plot and everything escapes me. I know that’s basically nothing to go on, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember this. I know I watched it on Netflix, but after lots of searching, I am certain it is no longer there. If anyone has any ideas, I will be so appreciative.

@lutra I believe you once mentioned you have watched a lot of Thai content. Any thoughts on this one?

A lot of older ones, the past years since Viki cleaned up the Lakorn section, no I have not watched many …
3 or so …
But a bakery, no idea.
I only know about four K-drama with a bakery
Love, Bread and Dreams aka Baker King Kim Tak Goo, but I never watched it, so I am not sure about the set-up of the bakery.
There is Panda & Hedghog, where the rich son of a family has a bakery and is living upstairs, but I do not recall about a fire, nor the other things you mention, it’s too long ago I watched it, for those details being present in my memory.
Then there is The Legendary Witch but it was a female owner of the shop and an all female household …
While writing I forgot Nr. 4, - -
but recall My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, but no one living upstairs.
There is a Thai remake called My Name is Busaba, or so.

Found some one dramas at MDL, but I don’t know the content:
How Are You Bread? Korean
U-Prince - The Badass Baker - Thai

Through different searches I found this one, it refers to N, so maybe it was this one?

Sorry, I can’t help that much this time, I guess …

Oh, but you did! I think that Melodies of Life is the one!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me.


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