Another drama to find


well I didn’t think I would ever do this but here I am

this drama was a cutesy one, the girl was a travel/scenic guide( not the package one) she was a scammer, her father also(not I summon you gold) she was running and almost got hit by a car. she had a gift of language, he later needed her for interpreting the language, the main guy had a tangerine orchard, (not lie to me) he had a girlfriend that was a champion tennis player. the guys grandfather was looking for his niece or granddaughter, he did his daughter wrong. the girl was given money to play as the granddaughter. gosh I have practically told the whole story! anyway, I would like to find it and watch it again!! 2014 maybe


Maybe My Girl 2005-2006?


I just found it. But that doesnt say she was a scammer. I will have to look for it. thanks Lutra, and a much later time. I have been looking for this all morning! again thank. you know how the mind works with time(hr=ehehehehe)


I have just started watching this, yes this is it. oh and also tiawan has created it in 2018
boy those actors were young!! Lee dong wok age then was 24. again thanks


You are welcome, I can help out with older dramas until 2014-15, then I had less time.
Have fun watching it, if you happen to watch the Taiwan series let me know if you liked it. Till then!