Another question about our actors & actresses


when they pick & choose a certain story, they play something they don’t usually play, could say a murderer, thief, bad guy etc. does that affect their popularity?

this one drama I watched , these guys, ( almost 20 years for this one)don’t look as it affected them at all. but still asking.


Some said in interviews certain roles/genres affect their careers but you can’t say it in general for everyone; maybe they don’t even know it before they do it.


I know that romcoms are the most popular among the Korean audience, so people acting in those often get very popular. I don’t think acting as a villain would make them less popular. Look at Namgoong Min!


oh yeah! Namgong Min!! he can about play anything. yes I see what you mean!


Some (maybe even a lot of) actors specifically enjoy playing a bad person, cause it often takes more advanced acting skills than playing a compliant person and it also (hopefully) is a role that stands further from who they are in real life.

Of course there are some people in the audience who cannot distinguish between the actor and the character that he/she plays and those people might start to dislike the actor. But I think most people are wiser than that.


yes there is a couple of actresses that we love to hate, and they are awsome actresses, still love watching them.


I suddenly have to think of an actor who’s not even Asian, but whom I never saw in a role as a good person (or at least I don’t remember it): Billy Drago. I know him mostly as “The Demon Of Fear” from Charmed (the old version), but I’ve occasionally seen him in some other series or movies as well and even if he looked different, I would always recognize him by his creepy voice.


oh my goodness! yes! the creepy voice!!


Xiao Zhan briefly mentions an actress playing a villain here (and how he admired her for it):