Another question about put new viki page

ok, in the other version, yeah at first, had to log in and do that thing of searching for the pictures or whatever. and later it didn’t show that, and automatically logged in. But now I have to log in each time and search those pictures. how come??

You mean to prove you aren’t a robot?
I haven’t experienced it yet, but it sounds like a hassle.

well the only way I could I avoid it was to keep the tab for viki always open

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I have a hassle with the Help Center the past days, if I go there the first time I can comment. For the second time the submit button will not show. I would need to log in and out just for that and clear my cache. Then there are some pages including Viki asking me about cookies again. I have done it twice, but for now it is a perfect excuse not trying to answer questions of other users. It’s enough if one gets logged out by Viki and please I hate those "traffic lights, motor bicycles, shop entrances, … " sometimes it works, sometimes you need to do it again and again and sometimes you are lucky and it doesn’t show at all.

yes! I logged back on this morning and will see if it does it again_