Any favorite Korean Actors?

Yes, I have only seen him in one drama but he was impressive and he has a wonderful smile. I plan on seeing Hidden Identity solely because he is in it.

Lee Philip

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SpeXial Simon is not korea actor but taiwanese actor

I think Park Seo Joon was very good in A Witch’s Romance. I like him in She was Pretty. I have not seen KMHM, yet. Also, Sung Hoon from Noble, my Love. Unfortunately, that one does not do him justice. I am still looking for some of his other works to get a better idea of him. I will say he is very lovely to see on the screen.:).

Oh I really love Sung Hoon. I saw him in New Tales of Gisaeng, Faith (but his role was not important), Passionate Love (the story was disappointing) and in Noble, My Love (it was so cute :smiley: ).

But i really loved to see him swimming in Cool Kiz on the block ! All his episodes are translated on KBS World on Youtube if you are interested (and Cn Blue’s Minhyuk is in too ! )

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serieusly no one said gong yoo i mean he’s a great actor and very hot have abyone seen silenced and the suspect I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES i fell for him since the day i watched coffe prince and silenced and every time he does something im there and currently he’s my fav actor

and if i have to add other korean actors i would say ji sung kim so hyun so ji sub

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Without hesitation :

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Definitely SoJisub LeeSangyoon Sunghoon JiChangwook Hyunbin and SeoKangjoon(up & coming)
Top 5

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Sung Hoon is my fav*____*

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kim soo hyun :heart:

Ji Sung!! That voice :heart_eyes:

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I like Ji Sung, because of his acting, and appearance, but mostly the appearance, I think. I didn’t really like his acting in Secret drama. I also like Chun Jung Myung, because he was sooo good in the Heart to heart drama.

definitely LEE MIN HO :heart_eyes:

Too many to list. I like about 50 different actors and about 20 different actresses. Here is one actor that is so handsome, I could die just by looking at him:

I would like to see Lee Min Ho… on the beach someday. Or in the shower. Or anywhere where he is wet and happy. Or just wet.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I agree!!! So Ji Sub is such a babe!!! :heart_eyes:

@butterfly_cylia_109 You should watch Oh My Ghostess than. I thought he was awesome in that Drama!

I loved him in Cain and Abel !

Kim Jae Wook! :slight_smile: <3