Any Fawad Khan Fans Here?

I was just wondering since I will be starting a new project soon (Inshallah) and he’s one of the main characters. I heard he has lots of Arab fans. I plan on subbing Dastaan, one of my favorite dramas. I’m looking for as many segmenters as possible.

Please let me know if you’d like to help.

I’m so glad someone’s picking up Dastaan!

I’d love to help, but I don’t have experience and don’t understand Urdu. If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.

I plan on starting my own channel for it, but I’ll see. Right now I’m working on another channel and I hope to start when that’s done. Maybe you can help with segmenting. I can help you get started.

Sure! Just let me know when you’re ready. :smile: