Anyone else make playlists for their fav dramas?


Anyone else get on YouTube and find songs that just work with the current drama you’re watching?
I finished all the free episodes of Falling Into Your Smile (considering getting the Viki Pass just to finish it) and then found this cover of “Listen To Your Heart” on YouTube and I keep replaying it along with that confession scene in episode 20.
Seriously, I hope I’m not the only one who does this.


I did, but no longer, but I do add songs that I really like, it happened, that I added a song in the past months and I just don’t recall where it is from …


I don’t go out and purposefully find things to go with my dramas, but there are certainly times when I’m just listening to music and something will come on that makes me think of a specific drama. The only drama-related playlist I have is actual OSTs from the dramas I watch.