Anyone need help? (ENGLISH EDITOR)

Fluent in English, I can help in editing English subtitles (grammar, spelling, etc.) in k-dramas, variety shows or anything else.


So are you offering yourself as Translation editor (if you know good Korean) or as English editor?
I think it would be better to say so in the subject of your post, so that interested people can know immediately what it is about. You can edit the subject by clicking on the little pencil.
Good luck!

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Thank you for that.:slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have any luck?

I’m looking for a team to volunteer with as an English editor as well :slight_smile:

I suggest you PM the chief editor on a team to ask if you can help. To see who the chief editor is you need to check the wall of the channel. If you don’t see a chief editor listed PM the CM.
When you PM do mention the drama.

No I didn’t but I’m still looking🤞

Bumping, to draw attention.

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