Anyone seen Search?

Just watched it, thought it was pretty good and liked the story. I also like the production quality. Though, by episode 8 I had figured out the “mystery”. Though I would have like some more meat on the relations and backstory on certain characters. (Spoilers ->) However, I found the story-line intriguing and how the past events were linked to the present events on going and the different characters relationship with the story arc. Especially the watching DPRK - Son Ye Rim connection play out, even though it was by mid series obvious already. :slight_smile:



I liked the idea, but didn’t like the resolution. I thought it was too simplistic. Also, the CGI wasn’t the best, made me loose focus by the end of the series. I also liked that it didn’t drag on. Ten episodes and that’s it.


In a way I agree with you on the resolution, I thought it was pretty poor and simplistic. but in a way I also liked it, since often I also feel other shows tend to over explain thing.

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