Approval of a Channel

Hello Viki Community,
I sent in a request to open a channel to subtitle a youtube channel (risabaeart) more than 3 days ago.
She has many fans and requests for subtitling.
I thought Viki was the perfect place. The content creator also thought it was a good idea.

Anyone know how to followup other than check inbox every second?

Thanks so much,
(Korean-English subtitler)

I’ve been waiting for nearly a month to get news about channels I requested.

Send an email to the Viki help center.

Good luck!

I agree with icedthy ! Send an email the Viki help center explaining your situation! Let us know how it goes :smile:


Thanks so much you guys!
I’ll keep you guys updated.
Sabae’s a professional Korean makeup artist!!!
She’s got 9 yrs experience in the field and even had experiencr working with a lot of the kpop celebs we know and love.
To me it’s such a waste only Korean viewers can fully understand her. She’s really humble and quite funny too!!