August badge - mine seems to not have arrived, has yours?

I put up a community post for this, I filled in the survey and I see the new badge challenge is out, maybe mine merely was missed. :slight_smile:

Feel free to link into my community comment in help center if you too have been overlooked for your survey answers. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp

Mine hasn’t appeared yet either.

Mine neither

Hi everyone,

Thanks for writing in, we’re aware of the August badge not appearing on profiles yet. The badges have been applied internally, but they’re not appearing on profiles yet (may be due to caching). I’ve been following up with the team that applies the badges, so I do hope they’ll go through soon.

Thanks so much for your patience, and for continuing to participate in the events! This recent survey especially, was a really great opportunity to learn more about how people enjoy watching their shows.

Viki Community Team


Thanks.:: ::

I came here create the same topic until realize this one was created. Thanks for the answer. :relieved:

@camiille it should also be fixed, that the subs are not counting since HOURS… it’s really bad, when today is the start for the new badge ;_; could you look into this matter?

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No, and apparently none of my contributions are being recorded either.
Superbug (wait, what did we call it again?) strikes again? :confused:


Hi @teufelchen_netty_266 and @feyfayer,

Thank you for writing in and bringing this to our attention. We’ve received multiple reports for this and I’ve escalated this to our engineering team. Thank you for your patience as they work on resolving this! I hope to provide an update for you all soon.

If you’d like to provide more details as to what show(s) and the specific episode(s) you were working on, or have screenshots you can share, that would be helpful to the team as they investigate further. Please feel free to submit them to the Help Center or send me a PM.

Thank you,
Viki Community Team

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I haven’t received my august badge yet but I somehow filled in the form before the set time and I couldn’t fill it in twice.
So I’m not sure if I qualify @camiille

Hi everyone,

I checked the participants list for the Summer Survey.


I was able to find and verify all of you who posted above, and you all will be receiving the August badge once they’re applied to the profiles.

Viki Community Team


Hi Camille,

The website is bugging again, segment timer included.

The subtitling process will begin later than usual, people complain, we complain, we get slowed down, we answer to people, send messages and posts to explain, it slows us down again and we take on our sleeping time to catch up and we get angry over nothing.
It’s tiring to take 1 hour for a task that normally takes 20 minutes.

I might be wrong but we noticed that a bug often occurs when there’s a badge event.
It affects every volunteer, that they participate on the badge event or not.
What can I do actually to avoid these bugs? I’m impacted no matter what I do, participating on the badge event or not. So for 12 months, I’d have to prepare for a bug. It is planned.
Is there really nothing that can be done to avoid the menstrual pain?
I know we can find something else to do while it’s bugging (I’m currently reading), but in my opinion, a monthly event that is supposed to be fun shouldn’t bring inconvenience to the community or the website’s functionality, that we participate or no. And if it causes such inconvenience, a solution should be found.

I know it’s not your fault (or anyone’s fault) and you’re here to help us, communicate our problems to the right team/person, so could you pass our feedback? Sorry for the inconvenience. I know you’re really reactive and really helpful to the volunteer community, so it bothers me to bother you about this, but really, it’s a “pain in the ass” these bugs (if badges events cause such bugs, I’d rather have no events at all, at least we can contribute normally and there’s nothing to catch up). I’m not the only one to think so.

I feel like if we don’t groan, nobody will do something for us. My feeling can be wrong, I really hope so. It’s like asking us to deal with our problems ourselves whereas we don’t control the website and can’t find ways to solve ourselves these technical problems. If I could solve it myself, I would have done it sooner, without having to bother you. Yes, it’s tiring for us too to send you report bug messages like that, when we know it’s going to happen inevitably.

Bigs thanks!


You’re free to spit coffee :blush: Thanks for the bunch of cheesecakes, been needed them these past few weeks.

Hope you’re having a good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are :slight_smile:

PS: Midnight talks with Anna complaining about segment timer… I can’t anymore… please, someone put salmon in her mouth!


I participated in Learn Mode on one of the specified Japanese channels (the one about the pet) but I did not get the May badge. I participated in the August survey and did not get that badge either. Thus far I have participated in every badge contest in the ten part series but I don’t believe I have gotten all the past badges on my profile.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience and for all your help submitting your reports! They were very helpful to our teams as we investigated further.

I’m happy to let you all know that the technical issue that affected the subtitling tools and the contribution counts has been resolved. Please note that it will take some time for contribution counts to be reflected, but things should get back to speed really soon!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, especially at the start of the subathon. We’ll continue to keep an eye on this over the next few days. Thanks so much again for all your help as we looked into this!

Viki Community Team

Hi @piranna,

Thank you for your message and for raising your concerns. It’s not a bother, and we appreciate you and other volunteers bringing these issues to our attention!

We’ve actually looked into this, and there is no connection between badge application and the subtitling/segmenting tools. Unfortunately, it’s just bad timing.

We’d like to make a volunteer experience that is positive and fun for everyone, and we’ve been working very hard to improve the tools you use. The feedback, ideas and suggestions you all provide are very helpful in letting our teams know how we can continue to grow and improve.

As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions, which you can submit to us through the Help Center here.

Viki Community Team


Hi @cgwm808,

Thanks for writing in and I’m sorry to hear about that! I have confirmed you participated in the Learn Mode badge event and have just applied the badge to your profile. I’ve also verified that you participated in the Summer Survey. You will be receiving the August badge once they’re applied to profiles.

Viki Community Team

@camiille Me too :slight_smile: filled the survey out…

Thank you, Camille!!

My apologies if I believed it was due to the badges event. Due to some coincidences these past few months, I thought it was linked. I hope you can forgive me for being so quick in my judgement (I know I can be hard to deal with sometimes, my friends on Viki also think I can be annoying, but I think they are too sometimes XD Who isn’t?).
Crossing fingers so for the left next months of the birthday, it will be without bug :wink:

Anna told me the segment timer is functioning again, so thanks to the team for fixing this bug!
For me, the bug was happening at a bad time, because it was either at that time that I segment, either it will wait until I don’t know when. I had other plans so yes, the bug was not happening at a good moment for me.

I have 5 items to ask (I’m centralizing everything):

1/ What’s the purpose of the survey? Can we know the results?
I did it without knowing what the results would be. Was it to know what most viewers would prefer and for the volunteering community to align on 1 rule for everyone to follow? It would be much easier for everyone to follow just 1 general rule, I guess?

2/ @justine_desmoulins, @anna79_9 and I didn’t receive our badge for the survey although we did it before the deadline (for them, it’s 100 % certain / for me, I think I did it while it was still ongoing).
See badges on our profiles, it’s missing:

3/ About badges, @anna79_9 has 2 badges in the queue:
she didn’t receive the badge for the survey
she didn’t receive the badge for power segmenter (she has 20K segments now) since a few weeks, I believe.
Is the power segmenter badge automatic? Or what’s the procedure we have to do to have it?

4/ About badges, @helpinghands has 1 badge missing:
The nssa badge because she has graduated from the academy:

What’s the procedure she has to do to have it?
Her profile:

Same for @peasandlove: 1 nssa badge missing

Her profile:

5/ Could you ask if volunteers in every language will still have their place on Viki as subtitlers, segmenters (not only as editors) in the future (3, 5, 10 years?).
I’m worried about our future as volunteers on Viki.
With the recent technology and AI progress in the translation field (and segmentation), I don’t know if we would still have our place in this ecosystem as real subtitlers and segmenters (and not reviewers).

=> So 3 people for the badge survey (@justine_desmoulins, @anna79_9, @piranna) + @anna79_9 for the power segmenter badge + @helpinghands and @peasandlove for the nssa badge

=> I also made 2 other requests in the help center last week: ID #473133 and #473139

=> There’s no emergency! Again, sorry for the previous bad judgement I made and thank you very much for your patience with me :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I think nobody has received the AUGUST badge yet. (I also filled the survey)

WHAT A BUG? Is it just me or segments are still not being counted? :tired_face:
I tried to segment yesterday and my segments contibutions number is still frozen. :fearful:

EDIT: It’s all fixed now.