I am watching a drama on youtube, I think id called digtally enhanced?( dont really know what it is called. not avatar, just an example.)
this drama is called L.O.R.D. guess i am going to do some looking for others like this.kind of a scifi ancient drama. awesome how these people look so real!!

guy changes into a bright light, no more said, if you all get a chance just watch it.

Is it with real actors or computer animated? I think I recently saw a similar title on amazon that had animated characters, but on youtube I saw a trailer (or teaser) that looked like a real actors film.

computer animated. and the characters looked so real! I am watching it on You tube. hmm I will check amazon too. I was just facinated is all. I did watch 300 about a year ago, same thing. wow what these people do to get these things looking real! what a talent!

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