Bad segs/subs

Please people, do not segment for the sake of doing that… and don’t use <3 or punctuation instead of subtitles. It is not fun for the ones that have to fix the messy leftovers you leave behind. So frustrating!!!


I know what you mean, I reported someone today, she was using punctuation to accumulate subtitles. Guess with segmenting is more difficult if you haven’t had training, but with subs, it was not even bad grammar or spelling only punctuation!

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A majority of the users on Viki Discussions don’t do this, and it is [frankly] a bit useless to be saying this on here. Many of us know about users like that already, too. And so, if I may, I would recommend you to just talk to that user directly. Be calm and professional while messaging them. If they continue to write bad subs or create horrible segs + you know that they read your message, then report them to Viki.


thanks. yes I know… there is no point. Just felt like venting frustration, you know?