Badge bug not entirely dead or repaired?

Well, I was looking for a correction I KNOW I made to Ep 50 of Untouchable Lovers on Final edit two days ago.

When I scroll back in my contributions on my profile - I find now mysteriously EP 50 is A DELETED VIDEO.

Wrote a subtitle in Episode 51: Untouchable Lovers
2 days ago
I like watching the adorable smiling faces of children.
This is an episode 50 final edit…
**Wrote a subtitle in a deleted video **
2 days ago
**English **
Oh my heavens, Qingyue! When did you become this cunning?

Wrote a subtitle in a deleted video
2 days ago
By the same logic, there are so many men in this world. Why would I be afraid of not finding a husband?

One contribution on the next page is shown as Ep 50 NOT a deleted video.

What the HELL. I go into the activity log and things look “normal”. - MAY 2ND - 2 days AGO I DID final edit it but when I OPEN THE EPISODE NOW it shows a MIRACULOUS THING - that I CHANGED IT ON APRIL 30th!

Now I think I’m going to have to go in and CHECK THE ENTIRE EPISODE for things I DID change on final edit. Something has already been found to have “RETURNED” after being deleted.

I guess check your work again, people. :frowning: I do not know what to say other than… :frowning:

Just awesome. How can I get anything done if I have to keep redoing the same work over and over because of weird things going on behind my back like this? :frowning:


That’s why I’ve taking a step back…
I do sub a little from time to time, but so afraid of the bug changing anything T.T

Nope, now my subtitle counter is also stuck and I feel like my work isn’t being saved. I tried to subtitle again, but it’s just not working…