Badge for 5000 but I have only 4789. What gives?

Badges are known to be capricious. I just realized today that I have a badge for 5000 segments but my segment count is 4,789. Is it possible that I had reached 5000 in the past (I don’t remember) but more than 200 segments have been taken away from me because the dramas are not on Viki anymore? Or what?

I also seem to have the Spring Subathon 2019 Segmenter (1000) badge. But I don’t recall doing any segmenting this spring, surely not 1000 of them.

I’m not complaining, just curious. Have any of you noticed any weird things with your badges?

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I just saw I’ve received the wrong badge. They very kindly awarded me with a badge for 1000 segments, but I should get the badge for 1000 subtitles.
To be sure it’s called Spring Subathon 2019 Segmenter (2019) and it shows a cute piggy.

Yes, I got a segmenter badge (700) for Spring 2019 as well and only have about 200 something created in 2012-13. I won’t become a segmenter, it’s just not my cup of tea. I wrote it at the HC, this is what I got from Viki …

In short the “broken” QC badge appears normal to them and no answer about the wrongly given segmenter badge.

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I think somebody said when they edit a person’s segment, the original segmenter loses it. Meanwhile, editing a person’s sub gives both of you one sub. Or did I misunderstand the first part?

If this is true, that would mean that removing a video with segments removes also the segments in the person’s contributions.

No idea how the badge system works exactly but last week I finally got my Dutch badges for 300 and 1000 subs. I didn’t have them yet while I started as a Dutch subber when I started to volunteer on Viki so I must have way more Dutch subs then simply 1000.

And I once noticed, years ago, I was segmenting a lot while my count hardly went up. I asked Viki about it but they didn’t have an answer to that. Later I noticed some earlier projects I worked on had lost their license and where removed from Viki. So although Viki states all your contributions remain, I wonder if that’s true for all cases.


The Dutch subs badge doesn’t count subtitles in the past, sadly. Also, I received negative segments for a project Viki asked me to fix, and still haven’t received any solution or answer as to why. So weird. It was only -4, but still… why negative segments?

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