Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

@maria_lavendula_77 , @marykarmelina,
Something went wrong on my last edit, please feel free to re-cast your votes. Thanks! :blush:



I think the wording of the poll is confusing. It makes it seem as if we are interested only in changes that happen to Discussions, and not to the whole of Viki. While in reality changes to how the Discussions section works is the least of our concerns and of Viki’s concerns: they rarely make (small) changes to it.
So I don’t think that’s what you meant!
If I am right, you might want to change it to something more or less like this:
“Should Viki include a poll (hosted in Discussions), for users to vote on planned changes to the platform?”


I love this!
I would glady cast my vote on such a poll. I’ll leave it to you, or anyone, more vested, and invested in the volunteer community to post a newly open topic, in a newly created (poll) thread! I am sure there’ll be tweaks, and a little, or lot more flesh added, to cover more issues that needs to be addressed.

Actually yes! The poll I made is only focused on changes that happened in discussions. It’s based on the recent notices, and subsequent focused updates to Discussions. :blush:

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Oh I see. Then I was wrong.

But recent notices were about the Channel Manage page. Where was there anything about Discussions? Did I miss something?

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Hi @irmar,
There were dashboard notices, these of course expired after, the update was in February, changes were made specifically to Discussions. I suspect the update threads will be moved to the community contributer page for March 29th. These are threads created, and managed by the @vikicommunity mods/leaders.

Irmar, you did not miss it, look, you even gave a heart to lutra’s post.

What? No. That thread was about maintenance to Subtitle and Segment editor. And they said they put a new button somewhere to lead to the inbox. That was the big change? LOL.

Lets agree to disagree @irmar :smile::joy: It’s good though, that means the changes were seamless for you, and others who did not notice.

이것도! :rofl:

:rofl: The struggle is real, a few people noticed, and posted.

Νow you made me curious. About what were those changes. The only thing I noticed is some automatic comments such as “this is the first time X posted, let’s welcome them” or “it’s been a long time since X posted”.



Although this is not your first badge, this badge struck a chord with you, and so, let’s celebrate the two honored recipients of the month! :sparkles: :drum: :drum: :drum: :sparkles: drum roll!
@auttygotty, @deadlykitten,


Congrats, I am having a thing with numbers these days and this post had 1500 comments/posts - wow!

Now I feel like my number is a small one - anyway, I had to think back on the days of badge hunting, but the badge I received is one you will only get over time, sometimes faster, sometimes you will wait longer and for the next you would wait like forever and a day, but no, I am not actively waiting, I am rather surprised when I get a note from “disco-brat”:

So hurray, I got my 20th badge for a link clicked on at least 50 times - the so-called popular link.

In memory of Tina Turner and dedicated to all the “heart jailers” out there


So sad, another icon left us with whom we shared memories through her music. It seems these memories are leaving with them (the icons) or better said, parts of me I lived with them are dwindling as well. :cry:

@lutra congrats to your one more badge :clap: :laughing:


I see that, two days ago, I was awarded the “Nice Topic” badge. This is one I appreciate since it has a real purpose and means something.

Thanks, community!



Badges that will come to you while you do almost nothing but sticking around, it is my 7th time and the 5th for the last years in a row.


But we like having you here so it’s a deserved badge in my opinion.


Same, I recently got my second anniversary badge. Compared to your seven, I’m still just a baby around here. :grin:


They come when you least expect them, same here :heart_eyes:


@brendas, @vikicommunity
In badges for discussions, can we look foward to a renovation?

It’s no simple feat. Admired Badge, in the bag!
\⁠(⁠°⁠o⁠°⁠)⁠/ \⁠(⁠◎⁠o⁠◎⁠)⁠/


!Good Reply badge on Viki Discussions