Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

Yay, 3/10 now. Let’s see if that Campaigner badge will work :eyes:
Thank you :heart:


Oh my… So many people inviting me to Discussions :smirk:


We are not just going for the Campaigner, but also for the




Hahaha didn’t even see that one :joy_cat:


:rofl::rofl: Here’s my link! simi11, ninjas_with_onions. Going for (⁠*⁠❛⁠‿⁠❛⁠)⁠→ :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::1st_place_medal:
Yes! :wink::+1:t5: Guys, Edit: The goal is obtained! :partying_face: You may click to see what the link looks like, no need to accept. just click the link, :point_up_2:t5: and accept the invite! Next create your link from a thread, any thread’s topic of choice, with the guidance here, copy the link, and post it in that thread. Simply. We discovered we don’t need to do it as a PM. Go secure your place on the podium!

Note: It takes a day at least, for the bot to award these badges, considering it’s been on vacation, in this department, on this side of the fence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tagging a few fans, but anyone can accept the invitation. 😉 This we found out later. 😂🤭 you can even accept your own invite link, as feyfayer later found out. Nice!


Promoter :orange_circle::3rd_place_medal::brown_circle: The Bronze✓

This badge is granted when you invite someone to join the community via the invite button on your user page, or at the bottom of a topic. Inviting friends who might be interested in specific discussions is a great way to introduce new people to our community, so thanks!

The Steps

Four Simply Steps in picture.

Steps 1, and 2

Step 3

Step 4

:man_teacher::woman_teacher::teacher: Further Guidance

:laughing::joy::rofl: And this happens if . . .

To fans who are basic members, if you find you are not leveled up to the correct trust level of member. Here’s how to change to member: :wink:

Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Users at trust level 2 can…

  • Use the “Invite others to this topic” button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics
  • Invite outside users to PMs making a group PM
  • Daily like, edit, and flag limits increased by 1.5×
  • Ignore other users
  • Edit their own posts for up to 30 days after posting

Admins can change these thresholds by searching for tl2 in site settings.

Read up more in the link below: :wink:

:smiling_face: :kissing_closed_eyes: :wave:
So much fun lol


Not trying to be a damp squib, but isn’t this Campaigner badge relying on the fact that 3 people accept an invite AND subsequently gain the Basic badge, since we’re inviting each other who already have the basic badge, I don’t see how we can do the required activities to meet the criteria to getting the basic badge in order for the person who sent out the invites to get the Campaigner badge. :thinking:


Campaigner :white_circle::2nd_place_medal::white_circle: The Silver :running_man::running_woman::man_running::dash: 400 meter race :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This badge is granted when you’ve :incoming_envelope: invited 3 people who subsequently spent enough time on the site to become basic users. A vibrant community needs a regular infusion of newcomers who regularly participate and add new voices to the conversations.


Champion :yellow_circle::1st_place_medal::yellow_circle: The Gold :running_man::running_woman::man_running::dash: 800 meter race. :crazy_face:

This badge is granted when you’ve :incoming_envelope: invited 5 people who subsequently spent enough time on the site to become full members. Wow! Thanks for expanding the diversity of our community with new members!




Thank you :tada:

I see I’m not alone :wink:


Nah. Never. Your point seemed to make sense, and it sounded logical, too. I was a lil bumped last night over the “perceived method” (not over your comment). But, it worked! I don’t know how such tabulations are done, but it doesn’t bother me at all now lol. I.GOT.MY.BADGES! :kissing_closed_eyes: Err… still pending one “Champion” though… haha

Many thanks to all of you who were game to accept the invitations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:
:hugs: :people_hugging:


Badge bot just got played? :robot:
I take it no one had to go through all that Basic/Member level palaver? Devious!

Listen, I hear the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is going to ship a whole load of gold bars… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just give us enough time to devise a plan.


Could this be our next challenge? That is, before going for the gold bars…

What do you think, how does this one work?


That one really can’t be gotten


So unfair! They’re teasing us. Same as with 650 likes x 5 days badge :grin:


Same as the Leader badge. Unlikely to get that one unless selected


Is this permanent on my account now? :face_holding_back_tears:


Sniff! :smiling_face_with_tear: Yup! Yup! Yup! Sniff! :smiling_face_with_tear: I’mma flat out shed these tears of joy! :sob:

:joy: Exactly! Com’on! @ninjas! The race is on! Let’s Go! Finish line up ahead! :dash: :potable_water::man_running::fountain::man_running::droplet::man_running::sweat_drops: Do what you must, get to inviting! Get on that podium!

Psst! @ninjas_with_onions, :wink: and everyoneinthebadgerace, :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Strategically copy, and paste your invite link. :wink::+1:t5:
:joy: Oh! Don’t forget to click, and accept your posted invite link, it’s part of the tally. :joy:


It’s kinda cute :smirk:


Well I did choose 3 basic members, only one accepted invite, meaning I needed 3 to obtain the Campaigner badge… I thought they would have been interested in some linked topics…

Perhaps they even think it’s a spam… who knows…