Banning movie reviews that are about lack of subtitles...please!

I mean, why can’t there just be a rule that no one can post a review if its only about the lack of subtitles? The reviews are supposed to be some indication of the movie itself, not a protesting tool. Having the review skewed because of lack of subtitles makes the whole system inaccurate and super annoying. In order to find out if the movie is worth watching, I have to hunt through pages of reviews to get a sense of what is being voted on before I know if the rating system is accurately portraying the movie. Maybe a note on every page saying the “review” will get pulled if its about subtitles? Seems like a simple solution to never ending issue that we all spend loads of energy trying to correct with EVERY single movie. Holy cow!


Agreed. The annoying irony is that this is such an old problem with such a simple solution.