'Barefoot Friends' need FRIENDS..!

hi all korean variety fan^^

Beside ‘Running Man’ Viki also had obtained the licensed for another variety show named ‘Barefoot Friends’.
Therefore, we are recruiting team member as subbers, seggers, editors, moderators and page designer. anybody interested please pm me or any CM for this channel. Kor-Eng subbers really needed…!!!

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I could be the channel French mod if you need me ^^

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Hi, if you want i can help you moderating English - Indonesia.

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I could help sub from English to German :wink:

Dp you still need people? I can help seg, sub to french, and /or be an english moderator

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Hi, if you need I can help with the spanish subtitles or te segs! :slight_smile:

Hello sweetie, you are more than welcome to sub in french i’m the moderator ^^

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I can hel sub from eng to Polish ^^

I can sub from eng to German and Turkish :frowning:

I have seen this variety show and i liked it.
I can help you to sub from English to Arabic. Also, i can help with segmenting if you want.

Let me know if you are going to start uploading the show.

I could also help with the german subtitles.

hi i don´t know if it’s too late but i love this show and i can help with spanish sub, so if you need help just let me know

If you ever need a eng-french translator don’t hesitate to inform me.

Hi! If you still need subbers, I can translate from Eng to Romanian.

I can translate Korean - English.

But it won’t let me.

Only designated subtitlers can volunteer on shows that are currently On Air . Please contact the Channel Manager to join this team. If you’re new to subtitling, visit the Viki U channel or visit the One Liners+ tool to get started on thousands of other videos! Back to previous page

Such B.S. lol

You have to contact the mod or channel manager of the series to join the team in order to obtain permission to subtitle, then once they add you to the team, you are able to edit the videos.