Binge Watching Badge


I got the Binge Watch Badge for True Beauty, but not for the other 3 Dramas.
I watched all episodes from Gangnam, Mr. Queen and 6 from Replay.
Someone else who just got one Badge and watches more dramen?



I’ve only got the True Beauty one too, Maybe that’s the only one they’ve given out so far.

Me too. I got only 1 :worried:
I watched all the specified Eps for the 4 dramas mentioned because I wanted the 4 badges :disappointed:

Hope it’s only a matter of time to get the other 3 badges :crossed_fingers:

Original post:

***** Terms and conditions apply, please see FAQs below.

Top bingers will be based on most minutes viewed out of all 4 shows. You may watch any number of episodes for any of the 4 shows, as long as it is during the challenge time period.

  • Watching the specified episodes for the 4 shows is for qualifying for the badges. Ex: Watch Replay eps. 1-2 to get the Replay badge. Watch Mr. Queen eps. 1-2 to get the Mr. Queen badge.
  • Watching any episodes out of the 4 shows is counted towards the Top 10 bingers. Ex: You can watch all available episodes of Replay , Mr. Queen , True Beauty , and/or My ID is Gangnam Beauty and that will be counted towards your watching time.
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Oh no! Why? :open_mouth:

I watched all the episodes required for the 4 dramas and I got nothing :sob:

Hope the badges will be applied soon :pray:t2:


Same here.
I should get all 4 badges, so I assume, they’re not finished yet. I guess, we just have to be patient a littler longer. :blush:


I only got the True Beauty and Gangnam beauty, still need the one for Mr. Queen and Replay.


I also currently only have the True Beauty one and the Gangnam one. I think they are adding them one by one, because when I woke up this morning I only had the True Beauty badge. I think if we’re patient, we’ll get the badges we are entitled to get :smiley:


update from my side. gangnam is also there now


Did anyone else not get any yet?

I watched all required episodes and haven’t received any yet. Now I wonder if they are already done with the badge application and I should write them or if it’s still taking some time and I just have to wait.

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I have True Beauty & My ID is Gangnam Beauty, I should get them all as I watched the required episodes more than once, but I missed out on the binge badge. I’m think they haven’t finished giving out all the badges, but I don’t know they finished giving everyone the first badge before handing out the second.

I’m really not of any help. :woman_shrugging:

I don’t think they finished, because I’ve seen the Mr. Queen badge on some profiles as well.
I guess we’ll just have to be patient some more :upside_down_face:


Me too. Will wait and see :woman_shrugging:

@juliasreise file a ticket at the Help Center, had to file as well. I didn’t get any of my badges for the 2 watched dramas first. Then I got one badge of the second watched drama, apparently they couldn’t find my first watched drama, but you could go to the drama and it likely shows the episodes you watched and attach the screenshot. Just be patient. I think somehow the system reading isn’t working correctly since many of us who watched didn’t get their badges and it feels frustrating. Good luck:four_leaf_clover:

For all others: the binge watching badge will be only added if you watched during the specific time frame! (Not before or after)

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me too : (
let´s wait and see : )

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Did anyone get the other two badges? I still only have True Beauty & My ID is Gangnam Beauty. I’m just fine being patient, but if everyone else got them, then I figure I should start to worry.

No, me neither.
@jeslynl Can you help us in this matter?

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Nope, still missing


Nothing. Still waiting for the other 2 badges.


I’m also waiting for the other two badges.

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Thanks for the advice. I haven’t received any of the badges yet. I did watch the Viki Binge Challenge during the time period viki mentioned. I’ve just filed a ticket. Hope everything goes well.