BL Under Attack in Hong Kong

The series “Ossen’s Love,” the Hong Kong remake is getting attacked in Hong Kong.

Fight back against anti-gay repression by sharing this in your Social Media. I think they need to know that being anti-gay is not good.



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Letters & Songs #76

Friends Around the World

Why aren’t LGBTQ issues openly discussed in Japan? Can Japan change? Movie director Tokoi Miyuki tries to find answers to those questions in her documentary “Zero as You Are.” The film tells the story of a teenager who tries to find his true self while drifting between male and female gender roles. As Tokoi patiently follows his journey of self-discovery over the course of nine years, she neither criticizes him nor encourages him as she records his physical and mental changes in detail. “Zero as You Are” highlights Japanese society’s binary social values, and points to people’s lack of understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity. Tokoi joins “Friends Around the World” to discuss these issues … and how Japan may finally be changing.