Boy did I ever goof!

Look I have said I watch these dramas, enjoy what I do watch, but a lot of things have gone by me that I didn’t realize. I enjoyed the Royo scarlet love and really got into it, I understand there’s a #2 ( think that’s a Chinese remake) anyway I discovered something which I really an ashamed, there’s one guy I really enjoyed his acting. but I didn’t realize he has been in another drama which I really enjoyed, plus all the actors in it.(Aran & the magistrate) But the magistrate! wow, I didn’t know it was him, now acting in criminal minds. have I been blind or what. guess I need to pay more attention!
scholar that walks at night, one of my favorites, , so like I said , need to pay attention!!


You’re forgiven! That is Lee Joon Gi. If you go to my profile page, I have all 8 of his VIKI dramas in my collection. He’s my number one favorite actor. Enjoy!

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thank you much!!