Bring back old viki!( Allow free users ad free shows)

I think Viki should bring the old Viki . Yea I understand the costs, but what made Viki great was the fact that they offered free shows at exceptional quality. The fact that you have to subject yourself to ads just to watch a show is stupid. I don’t understand! Why didn’t you guys at least do like DF and offer it as a premium package s that way people have options? I really liked the way you were Viki and this really sucks! If the changes become too much of an inconvenience, I just might really considering leaving you…Please consider the complaints of your memners

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Hi @Jem_birdie! Our videos are definitely available for you to watch for free without Viki Pass; if a video doesn’t play for you, and you are not using an AdBlocker, this is an issue we’re currently trying to fix. Report it to the Help Center to receive a message from us when we find the solution (submit a description of the problem here).

Ohh, THANK YOU! And dw, I found a way to watch the shows without the ads…and btw,am not going to leave you guys. Upon reflection, I realize what you guys and the service you offer is pretty awesome…so I AM DEFINITELY PLANNING ON STAYING ON VIKI.Therefore this discussion I created makes no sense anymore…but I don’t know how to delete it. Help please.

Dinos el secreto de ver sin anuncios, porque pasan 6 anuncios seguidos, o se repiten el mismos 6 veces seguidos, por favor dime el secreto.

Estoy de acuerdo contigo, yo me desespero de tanto anuncios.