[C-DRAMA] "Retourner Le Monde a Toi" - request

Hi guys,

I saw the trailer for Retourner Le Monde a Toi https://mydramalist.com/23860-retourner-le-monde-toi and was instantly captured by it (but I don’t know how to suggest titles for viki or how to create a fan channel for suggestions)

So maybe some of you that know how to do it (and who are interested in it as well) could help me

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Creating fan channels is no longer possible for volunteers.
You can suggest a title with this form, it is supposed to be only send one time by one person, Viki said sending it more than once doesn’t do any benefit. You can “easily” find it by going to the Help Center

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Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

And who creates the channel then? The sub team if one decides to sub it? Or viki when they decide to show it here?

Viki creates all channels. Some as fan channel others as regular channels, if the license agreement is made.
In some cases channels can vanish, if either no license agreement was made or for older channels licenses expire, sometimes it even depends on regions. It’s a complicated matter, but one can always try to suggest a title or re-suggest a title.

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The channel for this drama already exists, it’s here: https://www.viki.com/tv/35725c-return-the-world-to-you
I am the Channel Manager on it but for now I have no informations about it.


Well, then it’s even better peoples will make a suggestion for the license, isn’t it?
It’s good you brought the link here, the search function, doesn’t always bring up what one is looking for these days.

Yes that’s great. When I became Channel Manager on it, it was more than a year ago, I sent messages but seems like the channel is not enough known.
I will see when I will have time to ask for help to promote it more and I will promote it again on my own channels.
And yes, I thought it was better to put the link here.
Let’s hope we will get the license. :slight_smile:

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Hi Iutra,
I have a similar question, there are two dramas I would like to ask for a fan channel but I don’t know how. I am already CQ but I don’t want the channel for me, just the creation for ask the liecense and others pick up the CM. How do I do? Or who do I ask? The shows are The Lost Tomb 2 and The Lost Tom 3, they don’t have a date to be on air, but maybe wull be this year.

I put some links regarding these topics:


About wanting Viki to create a channel, they either do it because they are in contract talks, they want to look how many followers the channel will get, or because there already is a big number of title suggestion. The latter is indeed the only way to make Viki create a channel, but it doesn’t mean you suggest it and one or a few days/weeks later the channel will be there. If you still have questions ask …


Thanks for the informations, I didn´t know that was the same form of the license. I already ask for the two shows.

I hope in the future, Viki puts a better way to us search for the Fan Channels. There are a lot of good shows as fan channels but many people don´t know that they exist, it is bad because more license could be get.

I saw a sugestion made to turn more accessible the fan channels, and I voted for it, I hope others vote too and help Vip do it. https://support.viki.com/hc/pt-br/community/posts/115009229967-A-new-tab-for-Fan-channels-or-a-new-tag-Fan-channels-in-Search-Function-and-making-explanations-visible