C-dramas you watched from start to end WITHOUT SKIPPING


Anyone watch this one yet???


Yep, seen it! I didn’t watch it completely without skipping, though.


There’s few I was able to watch without ff (kind of hard when cdramas can be draggy).

The most recent one I finished without ff was, Crush. Featuring, Lin Yanjun & Wan Pang. Very cute drama. The plot isn’t the strongest though.


Sorry to say - Dating in the Kitchen I am just SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIPPING AWAY to finish it!
I’m sad!!! I was liking it at first!



If you haven’t watch Word of Honor, you might be missing something on cdrama. 36 + 1 epilogue. It’s also available on viki.


I love this one


Always Have, Always Will - super cute college rom com and perfectly paced (avail YT) Have requested it for Viki and hope Viki can get the liscense.
Mysterious Love- romantic suspense drama and fast paced


Stand By Me
Promise of Chang’An
One and Only
Forever and Ever
gosh there are so many!

The one I did NOT finish was Rise of the Phoenix. I think because it was too much cutthroat and not enough relief anywhere. Life should not be all serious and deadly - even in a cdrama.


I don’t skip parts, because I don’t want to miss a thing. But I understand that some shows feel like they seem to drag from time to time.

I like Word of Honor as well. (To me The Untamed felt like it was dragging a bit, I didn’t feel this while watching Word of Honor)

One of my favorites is definitely The Eternal Love

At first it was a little bit confusing, but soon I just couldn’t stop watching. The second season of The Eternal Love was also cute with many kisses.

Another one I like is Legend of Yun Xi:

Meteor Garden (2018 version) is probably the very first Chinese show that I’ve seen, so I also would like to mention this show, even though it’s not available on Viki in my region.


:ice_skate: The Cutting Edge Team :ice_skate:

Anyone watch this yet???


I was looking through the post and didn’t find a comment about this drama here, so let’s see …
I like the story of the growing friendship, sisterhood. It was nice for a change to not always see the women fighting each other. The complexity of each character is something you most likely don’t get in most dramas, might be related that this drama’s story is taken from a novel - at least that’s what I heard about. Of course there are still things that annoy you, but each and every woman somehow grows on working on her own problems - and most of the time it is endearing how the others will stand up for and support each other, and no it’s not always harmonious between 5 women, but it is never without reason.


My Fated Boy | Rakuten Viki

I really liked this one. Just finished it up. Tackling the age gap issue (which shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place) was really well done.
I appreciated the female cast here. They weren’t trope-y ditzy rely-on-a-man characters. Strong FL are the best in a drama.
Romance and chemistry was obvious. I loved the leads I didn’t skip a thing.


I could never imagine a better Chinese drama :star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hi vivi_1485

I cut my Asian drama teeth on C&T-dramas, preferring Taiwanese dramas like: Fall in Love With Me, Just You, It Started With a Kiss, Love Family, Bromance, Inborn Pair, Office Girls, PS Man, Two Fathers, The Year of Happiness and Love (BTW it is not!!! buy a man-size box of tissues), mainly Aaron Yan, Chris (Yu Sheng) Wang, James Wen, with a dash of Baron Chen (OMG the end scene from Bromance, Oh Boy!!! HOT) to name but a few.

However, I am sorry to say, because unless you can watch 24/7 getting to the end of a Chinese/Taiwanese series can take a LOT of patience. With many, if not most, over 50 episodes and some over 70/80/90 and even 100 it is not for those with a heart condition or an illness where as you breathe your last you are thinking 2I wonder how Love Family ends???

Nowadays I watch a mix of Korean and Chinese/Taiwanese with some Japanese (some beautiful scenery) and Thai (the accent can be difficult to get used to but it can be worth it if you stick with it)! Korean dramas, mainly the prime time ones, are usually only 16 episodes (though these can be an hour- an hour and a half long, or more - may be a couple of episodes stuck together).

I still find myself unable to wean myself entirely away from my first crushes, but I have to search for where I can view them, as Netflix has removed a lot of my original watches. Rakuten VIKI may have some of them or I may have to survive on clips on our good old YouTube :wink: :wink: for those hiding somewhere on a provider I haven’t used before!

I am happy to discuss or answer queries on the above. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Best wishes for your viewing choices

Heather (E D Orr