[C-FILM] RECRUITING Editors for the cfilm "Namiya"

Hello everyone!

I am searching an TE and Segmenter. Please write me a PN asap because the film will coming in 1 days! Also we are recuiting other language moderator’s :blush:

Here ist the link:

Much Love

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Hey guys!
We need by all means a CHINESE (simplified) Moderator, please write to me if you
want to gain experience as a mod if you have at least 20.000 Subs :slight_smile:

We are also recruiting other languages! We already have 100% with these languages:
Italian = gonghina
Polish = xyasha
German = rose_shn
French = shanav
Spanish = makow95
Korean = eunjinhuh_155
Chinese (traditional) = sakurauchiha
Portuguese = zanajes_237
Turkish = basakamine
Romanian = tony83n_283

Have a nice day! :heart::hugs:

We are desperately looking for a Chinese (Simplified) mod.

Please write me a PN if you want to take on this position or a new language :heart: