Can anyone remember which Drama this line is from?

So I am thinking back on some of my favorite male lines. Especially since I recently watched 2 or 3 dramas where the female lead has a tough time trusting the male lead for some reason, even when his actions speak louder than the words of the villainous ex.

Anyways, so the line is. “I don’t need someone who can’t trust me.”

I remember it being said so passionately and lovingly. It like gripped my heart ten fold. But for the life of me, I can’t remember where I watched it. Maybe because I’ve probably watched like 30 dramas in the last month. (very little exaggeration here.)

Also, I’ve been watching J, T, C, and of course K dramas… so I can’t even tell you which country it’s from. The passion it invoked from me tells me it was probably Korean though.

Appreciate the help!

J <3

Lines like these are so common in dramas, that you will have a tough time figuring out which drama this line is from.

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Do you remeber any face from the drama?

That’s every line said in a drama when the girl gets jealous that the guy is talking to some other girl.

That’s what I was afraid of. But i know there is one that stands out. One where he is just so hurt and angry… Gah… Was it Lie to me? Maybe… Maybe Flower Boy? Uh… I have to check them all now.

Thanks anyways everyone.

Yeah! I remembered. It was from Flower I Am - Episode 12 How great YOON SHI YOON acting was in this series. I could watch this series again and again… I might just do that. If time allows me to. :slight_smile: