Can I get this drama licensed?

I saw this Japanese drama in another place. The title is: ERASED. Let me tell you, I really love Japanese dramas (not all of them of course) but this one was so awesome I wish everyone here could enjoy it, too.

How that works? I never requested a license for a drama, so I have no idea how it works. If I request a License for a drama am I obligated to be the CM? I can’t do that (be a CM) for health reasons.

Can someone help me out here? Thanks in advance.


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Thank you so much! will work on this right now.

Since that drama is a Netflix Original it won’t be available on any other (legal) platform.

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I didn’t know that… boomers! It’s really good and worth watching. The story plot different for a change. Here at viki ppl can tell you what scene comes next bc they are so similar to many other dramas.

Hopefully, something will change that and many will be able to watch here a Rviki. The main actor is the one from mischievous kiss. He’s young but really good.