Can we talk about spoilers issues?

Hi everyone, I would like to talk about a thing I have in mind for some time now, spoilers!

Who likes spoilers? Nobody (I think)! Or maybe 1% of the community, who knows?
Honestly, I hate spoilers more than anything, I don’t read synopsis anymore and I barely watch trailers. I’m trying to avoid spoilers at the most. But sometimes it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to avoid them because of Viki’s banners or thumbnails. They literally spoil my pleasure to watch the drama.
I don’t think it’s necessary to show us the kiss scene (that we may be waited during all the drama) or the main event of the episode… :frowning:
When I want to watch an episode, I’m forced to click on this little annoying thumbnail that spoils me completely the main and crucial scene of this episode, episode that I waiting for a long time, it makes me angry because I know or I have an idea of what’s going to happen.

Why they do that?
I can understand that Viki needs to attract viewer’s curiosity but, sometimes it’s too much.
Do they think we’re watching a drama just for kisses?
I’m wondering if they believes 99% of the viewers want to watch dramas exclusively for romances (?). But it’s another subject.

What are you thinking about that? I’m curious of knowing your opinions. Am I the only one here bothered by those spoilers’ matter?


There are people bothered by spoilers and there are people who are not.
For instance I personally am not bothered by them at all.
Knowing that this crucial scene is there makes it even more desirable to watch the episode to know how we will get there.
When you’ve watched more than 150 Korean dramas, and the drama is a romance, you know that there will be a kiss scene around episode 8. You also know that if it’s the “School” series you don’t get a kiss. And that if the actress is a minor you’ll get a very chaste/lame one, and this with many k-netizens demonstrating furiously.
So the thing that holds you as a viewer is not “Will they eventually kiss or not?” but “How are they going to resolve their initial conflicts to reach the point when they will become a couple?”. The journey and not the expected end.

What we don’t know in many cases is whether the finale will suck and be disappointing: open, unresolved, rushed or generally lame. And this I definitely want to know before committing to spending 16 or more hours of my life. Therefore, if the drama is finished, I usually go to sites with recaps (like dramabeans) or to the last episode page and read comments. If no such info is available, I even watch a couple of scenes from the finale. But watching it if you don’t know the characters and the story is not always helpful, so sometimes I will ask other viewers in the comments section to tell me, so that I know whether to watch it or not. I recently did this for “Mother” (I knew the Japanese original ended very badly so I wanted to know if the Korean version was better), and I am thankful to the person who replied to my question and helped me make my decision.
Because I am one of those people who, no matter how beautiful the series, if it has a badly made ending, it completely spoils all the pleasure that I had while watching it, and leaves me with anger and frustration.
Therefore, welcome spoilers!


I totally understand what you’re saying. Yes, we know when the kiss scene would arrive, but still that disturbs me having the confirmation of when it’s going to happen exactly (especially via a picture I never ask to see). I think wether you have seen 3 or 180 dramas doesn’t change that fact. And I don’t think that kiss scene always arrive arround episode 8. I’m also thinking that we can’t know what’s going to happen after the kiss but banners and thumbnails are still a form of spoil.
I can understand you don’t want to spend 16 hours or more watching a drama which disappoints you by its finale so I understand why you search elements on it, but, not everyone want to know. I’m part of people who need suspense and need to be surprised when there is a plot twist (for example). I think it’s possible to start a drama without knowing anything about it, except the cast or a little sentence to know what the drama is about. Teasing doesn’t mean spoilers.
This is where I was getting at, Viki doesn’t let us the choice. If you want to know things about the drama you have the possibility to read some reviews or comments about it, I’m totally agree. But I’m talking about people like me who dislike spoilers and have to close their eyes while clicking on thumbnails to go to the next episode or we need to make acrobatics to avoid the main page, considering the fact that banners may have changed halfway of the drama and may include spoilers.
I’m thinking about constitute a Spoilers alert squad or asking for a button to turn off spoilers on Viki LOL

Well, since there are people who are sensitive to the issue, I agree that it would make sense to avoid them. For me it makes no difference, so why not accommodate everybody?
However, I think that in their mind it constitutes a lure for viewers, so they will probably not change the existing situation.

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just ignore them, fast forward then you wont see the spoilers. like you said, it attracts people to watch.