Cannot reach main page or watch videos

Since few days ago I’m unable to reach main page and can’t watch video. This only apply on main page As long as something is added behind, I have no problem. I can reach my profile or profiles from others, I can explore dramas and see chanell page, I can translate or segment, all this without problems. But once I open any video, I get page: This page doesn’t work, please contact the owner of this page; HTTP Error 400.
I can’t even see the dog as ussual…
I tried to re-install my browser, but it didn’t help.

I am using Google Chrom ver. 80

Did you try another browser, to see if the problem might be with GC?
Did GC get an update around this time? Sometimes when my browser had a new update some functions “stick” and after some hours/days are working fine again.

I have the same issue… 9 of the 10 times when I want to watch a video chrome says the page isn’t working. It has been happening to me since I got the new player. And I heard from more volunteers they cannot access the video page or that they cannot get on viki for hours.

I assume this issue has to do with the new player and it’s something on Viki’s end and not ours.

What you can do is write the help center (if you can access that):

Provide as much information as you can (location, chromecast version, operating system etc etc.) and add screencaps to show the issue.

Ah, I see, I use Mozilla Firefox and still got the old player until now. (Knock on wood!)

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Enjoy it to the fullest because soon…

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it will take weeks or months before they answer…
I reported another issue 3 weeks ago and nobody reached me yet.

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After 2 weeks with no reaction I usually “push” my request again, normally then I get an answer.

The quickness depends on the problem.
If you want a quick answer from Viki, you can make a new post on the Community Forum (not this one), but this one:
(right top: “new post”)

Have you tried this?

Normally, if they need further investigation, they will continue the discussion in a private format through a ticket via “Help Center” and ask you personal information.

I will try. Now I’m possitive it is Chrome, I can reach video from Opera, but I still can’t open main page

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I’ve been always using Chrome, my friends use Chrome, we’ve got the new player version and we have not yet met this problem on Viki.

:thinking: I don’t have any explanation as for why it works for some volunteers and not for some on the same browser… Best to contact Viki through their Community Forum when it’s like that. Good luck!

Oh yeees :tada::tada::tada:
problem solved, everything is back to normal.
I followed Error 400 link you shared @piranna
Thank you very much


Great!!! Good news :smiley:

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