Can't get into any tools suddenly tonight. Sub/Seg nothing

500 dog errors. Guess…it’s a short night here.


Even The Holy Refresh can’t do a thing…:smiley:


exactly. that’s it for tonight. nothing to do but go eat crunchy dieter donuts with qianlong frosting.

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This also happens to me now, what’s the problem?!

same here…

It was solved today, fortunately. The whole episode was ready, it only needed me to do the final edit, and I sat there unable to enter. I was fuming.

This brings up another thought to me - some sort of site indicator for fans to know WE cannot do anything at the time? Some sort of “tech difficulties may be affecting Teams doing work for you, please allow more time for them to work” or something. I know how it feels to have an on air and get yelled at mightily and well…have nothing you can do, literally. Maybe at log in, or…heck, I dunno. It just occurred to me this morning that things like last night happen and we’re stuck.

The idea sounds great, but I don’t see how would they implement it, since they are not the ones to notice that something is going the wrong way; it was always the volunteers who let the staff know that something is not working properly, and to specify what was that something… As much as wonderful the idea sounds, I’m afraid they won’t invest time and brains into developing some sort of that thing, since every bug is unpredictable on Viki…
(Don’t mean to discourage you, though, so take it just as a personal opinion of mine:))

good points. sigh.

Dueling Qianlong Untouchable Crunchy Dieter Donuts