Can't get into anything to work on it tonight suddenly...volunteer tools are toast!

in light of what’s gone on today, rather spooky.

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I keep getting that 500 error thingy and had to stop subbing. I hope they don’t follow Drama Fever and shuts down all of a sudden, too.

Same here. 520 Error. Looks like Viki may be getting flooded with new subscribers which are overloading the servers since Dramafever has shut down. Guess we’ll just have to wait until they can get the system back up and running again.


I’m sure it’s this. And not just because of new subs but many of us had both services and watch different things on both. So now presumably everyone came here to watch something.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for writing in. We did have an issue last night that affected videos and loading in some regions, but this has since been solved.

However, if you’re still experiencing issues, please submit a Help Center request here:

Thank you!

Viki Community Team

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